12 Menopause Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore

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Many menopause symptoms go unnoticed by women because they attribute them to something else. People generally associate hot flashes with menopause-related health problems. While hot flashes are certainly one of the most recognized menopause symptoms, there are other symptoms that may be less obvious. This is partly due to the fact that they can all be caused by any number of reasons or conditions, and in some cases the cause could be idopathic. However, when you put the symptoms together and factor in age, it may become obvious that these related symptoms are due to menopause-related problems.

Women go through a pre-menopause stage called perimenopause. There is also an after-stage called postmenopause. Symptoms can happen in any stage of the condition. Below are twelve not-so-obvious menopause symptoms that can happen in any stage.


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Night sweats are basically hot flashes that occur in your sleep. Chances are if you experience hot flashes during the day, you’ll experience night sweats at some point. This could be accompanied by secondary general hyperhydrosis, which is excessive sweating[1].

If you have night sweats as a menopause-related symptom, there really is no pattern to them. They range in severity from mild, to moderate, to extreme and they may or may not wake you up. They last anywhere from one to five minutes with the average being three minutes. You may experience many of them in an hour, one a day, one a week, or anything in between.

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